About Us

To Think after all these months of careful planning & preparation you will be a Bride for just one Day!

Every wedding has a cutback as well as budget constraints,it is never a good idea to sell short from a Professional Photographer.
After all memories are all you have left.So make sure that yours is Picture Perfect!

With over 27 years of experience in the Wedding Industry and with a vast background to vast types of Photography,you can be rest assured that the team of Desmond & Sandy will give you personalised service and attention.

The Success of our Business is that we are open to suggestions and we listen to our Brides. Our Photography is modern and different.

It is important that you "Click" with us, after all we will be behind the scenes most frequently on the day. Couples look their best when they are more relaxed and comfortable and Desmond & Sandy have the abilty to put anyone at ease with their friendly approach.

Desmond's Photography will tell the Story of your Day in the most Stylish and Natural Way.